Sonal Ved’s book launch at The Westin, Pune – Sunday, 19th December 2021

Name of the event - Sonal Ved's 4th book launch event - Whose Samosa is it Anyway?

About Sonal Ved – 

Sonal Ved, an acclaimed journalist & author in the food industry based out of Mumbai is set to launch her 4th book- Whose Samosa is it Anyway? The Story of Where ‘Indian’ Food Really Came From in December 2021.

Book detail: Whose Samosa is it Anyway? The Story of Where ‘Indian’ Food Really Came From

In this book, accompany Sonal Ved on a journey of taste through the various timelines across the Indian subcontinent. We go from the banks of the Indus in 1900 BC to the great kingdoms of the north many centuries later; from the time of the Mauryans to when the Mughal Sultanate reigned supreme. Meet the European merchants desperate to trade in Indian treasures, be it the deep-blue indigo or the pricey pepper. On this trip discover answers to such questions as What are the origins of chutney or of the fruit punch, and how are they connected to India? Who taught us how to make ladi pav and kebabs, and how did the Burmese khow suey land upon the wedding menus of Marwaris? The author takes us through the food history and traditions from the mountains in Kashmir to the backwaters of Kanyakumari; from the ports of the Bay of Bengal to the shores of the Arabian Sea, where traders and travelers arrived from around the world. And, finally, we find out whose samosa it truly is…

Event flow

  • Sonal to talk about the book & launch it and Karen Anand to moderate it.
  •  At the end of the conversation, Sonal will invite the chef to join in and ask him a few questions on the rise & evolution of Indian cuisine
  •  Open floor for Q & A (5 mins)
  • Guests to mingle around and F&B to be served

Venue: The Market- Private dining area

Date – Sunday, 19th December 2021

Time – 3pm-5pm

Please note – there will be a Penguin station where they will set up my books for whoever wants to get them signed. 

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