Sweet Bengal Celebrates this Summer of Sweetness with MANGO MANIA Festival

The King of fruit, that induces such happiness and health, especially in these Hot Summers. The King of Fruits’ delicious, pulpy and unique flavors are here to soothe the taste buds in every form.

While most of you have relished our quintessential delicacies crafted by our artisans from Bengal, we thought of adding some juicy and pulpy unique flavors to your taste buds this summer. Being inspired by this thought, Sweet Bengal brings to you a sweet rendezvous of the taste of fruit in some of our delectable range of sweets.

Presenting to you ‘The Mango Mishti Festival’, which showcases some of the best sweets of Sweet Bengal with juicy and pulpy mangoes in it. Let your taste buds dance to the unique flavors of Mango Rosogolla, Mango Sondesh, Mango Kalakand, Mango Chom Chom, Aam Doi, and a new addition to the lot.

Mango Rosogolla– the all-time Bengali favorite, with the goodness of Mango, which lingers on your taste buds and makes the Summers all the more enjoyable

Aam Doi – Let’s celebrate this summer with cool and velvety Mishti Doi, with Fresh Mango Pulp taking it to another level of joyousness.

Mango Rosogolla
Mango Rosogolla

Mango Sondesh- Sweet nothings for your palate with soft and creamy Mango Sondesh, a welcome version of the authentic Bengali Sondesh. Mango Sondesh itself is a recipe made in Heaven & with the addition of Mangoes to it, the flavors just burst on your palate. So, enjoy this soft, creamy, and melt-in-mouth recipe and make your day sweeter than ever.

Mango Sondesh

So, without further delay rush to your nearest Sweet Bengal outlet and experience the sweet and juicy moments with your loved ones.

When: 6th on

Where: Sweet Bengal Outlets Mumbai and Pune

For orders, please check out: https://www.speciality.co.in/sweet-bengal.html


Sweet Bengal is the confectionary vertical of Speciality Restaurants Limited founded by Mr. Anjan Chatterjee (Founder & Managing Director). Sweet Bengal was born with Mr. Anjan’s mission to bring Bengal’s finest sweets to the Indian diaspora. Sweet Bengal’s legacy dates back to 1995. Since then, every delicacy created has brought in a special and unique taste along with the heritage of Calcutta’s historic nuances. Indulge yourself in this sweet journey which will take you along the Maidan as you hear the faint tune from a Tagore’s song or let the words of a Pablo Neruda weave magic in your head. With 30 outlets in Mumbai and 2 in Pune with a centralized confection factory, it is the most sought-after and awarded destination for connoisseurs with a sweet tooth. It has been a satisfying and soulful journey in making your moments sweet and special.

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