‘Staying single is the amazing part of the adventure life offers you’ says Singer Soumita Saha

Meet Soumita, the 26 Yo singer of international fame who is famous for being vocal about various social issues.

Meet Soumita, the 26 Yo singer of international fame who is famous for being vocal about various social issues. Her plea to the Government to mark December 29 as the Nirbhaya Day was also taken in good spirit and supported by many. Followed by the nobel way her poetic self came to limelight, her poem on the Kathua rape victim was published and shared across over the Internet. Recently she dedication a beautiful poem to the national hero IAF Pilot tittled ‘ Welcome home brother’

The songbird from the city of joy become an Internet sensation at the age of 19, Singer Soumita Saha is one such name who has been riding the popularity charts with her talent. She has constantly been in the limelight for her breathtaking voice and amazing performances. She was also given the title of ‘Justin Bieber of Kolkata’. She is one of those performers who has worked under International record labels as well. Her debut album ‘Ishq’ was a massive hit and since then she has not looked back.

We spoke to Soumita, who is not only a singer, but also a professional Social media influencer. She told us about her journey so far, her future plans and she did express ‘the other side of Soumita’.

Soumita Saha
‘Staying single is the amazing part of the adventure life offers you’ says Singer Soumita Saha

Soumita Saha from the recording floor

Tell us something about the journey that took a sudden u-turn towards social activism

Did it? See I don’t know about others, I don’t even name my opinion articulating tendency as ‘Social Activism’. I am thankful to media and people for bearing with me. I have always been vocal about issues I felt I should raise my voice for. This has nothing to do with activism.

After the success of ‘Ishq ‘ people fondly call you Ishq girl, so how Ishq-ful is the Ishq girl’s life

Ishq-ful (giggles) , Yes my life is Ishq-ful. I have always been in love with music, and now my passion is my profession. It feels like being married to the love of my life. There is struggle yet the presence of ‘happily ever after’ vibes keep the flame of love ablaze. I am a romantic person, infact the song I am yet to release in a few days is a bengali romantic number.

If Ishq involving any human is something I am expected to answer, sorry to disappoint people, your Ishq girl is single. To be honest, staying single is the amazing part of the adventure life offers you. I do Ishq with my freedom and my life is Ishq-ful indeed.

Soumita Saha
‘Staying single is the amazing part of the adventure life offers you’ says Singer Soumita Saha

If staying single is that amazing, would call your next bengali single’s genre being ‘Romantic’ as a self contradiction instigating phase?

See, you guys already crowned me with tittle of Social Activist, had contractions been silent how would such social activists exist? (giggles)

This fact is not contradictory at all, I already mentioned that I am romantic as a person I find romanticism in nature, music and inspirations. I am just not good with dating people.

Differentiate the media’s sweetheart Soumita Saha from the Soumita people personally knows.

Media’s Soumita speaks witty stuff, media’s Soumita’s life revolves around her ambitions. For family and friends Soumita is a simple girl, who speaks heart’s content, laughs her lungs out. I personally feel ‘Media Person’ is a relative concept. Above everything else, I am like the girl next door. I try to maintain a strict balance between my professional and personal life. I am family person, single till now. My world revolves around my family and friends. I try to draw a line between friends and acquaintance as much as possible. I am the craziest person in my gang ‘cause ‘Dil toh bachcha hai ji’ and my public image barely bothers my friends ‘cause I have never let my professional image enter my personal life.

How does the ‘Dil toh Bachcha hai ji’ Soumita combat depression?

The ‘Dil toh Bachcha hai ji’ person did spend sleepless nights, sometimes because her career and confusions made her insomniac. Sometimes heart breaks gave her nights she had to weep so hard that tiredness invites the much needed sleep. Sometimes she stayed up repenting, because she trusted wrong people. But the fact is hopes never betray. If you stay positive and work hard everything is bound to stay in place, if not today definitely it will.

Any message for people your ‘Ishq’ wala phase felt butterfly in stomach

Isn’t falling in love amazing? Trust me I fell in love with many people. I do not nurture any sad, bad, revengeful feeling for people I dated. ‘Cause you can’t change the fact, ‘Dil khudgarz hai’ if it sleeps from hand (‘fisla hai yeh phir haat se’ linefrom ‘O meri jaan’ song was perhaps she was talking about) you have to admit that ‘Kal uska raha, ab hai tera is raat se’. See I told you ‘Dil toh bachch hai’. The fact is whenever I have loved somebody, I have given my level best. But once I moved on I never looked back.

I would always say ‘stay blessed’ to the x,y,z I had in my life. Do one thing say ‘hi’ to the future one from my side.(giggles again)

Had this been a rapid-fire would you choose friends or love?

I would place constants over variables.

Smart. And who is who?

Life is unpredictable, you never know who are planning to interchange coats.

Anything that you noticed unusual about music industry?

I have noticed people always ranting about their very own industry. I have seen a lot of novice dreams getting shelved because they thought the experience others had is something they cannot take. I am not saying I never had such experiences. But this industry gave me people I call ‘family’ now, this industry worked too good as a healing agent for the wounds I have been bearing for long time.

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