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Powered by Lemma Technologies,Sula presents WDC Sundowner’s Second Chapter a huge hit

World Digital Conclave’s Sundowner Pune, a local event dedicated for city based techies and digital experts, has created another milestone with itssuccessful second edition recently held at Independence Brewing Company, Mundhwa.

Pune, 27th December, 2018: World Digital Conclave’s Sundowner Pune, a local event dedicated for city based techies and digital experts, has created another milestone with itssuccessful second edition recently held at Independence Brewing Company, Mundhwa.Sula presents WDC Sundowner, Powered by Lemma Technologies, is a monthly initiative organized by CLICKS Technologies to discuss the latest insights in the Tech and Digital Marketing space along with networking for the community.

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Present at the event were guests like Sharad Gadsing, Co-founder, Lemma Technologies; Aditya Muchhal, Co-Founder, BaitheBaithe Venue Discovery Platform (Venue Discovery Partners); and Gopi Muthuraman, COO, Focus Education Centre, Maldives. Amongst the keynote speakers for the event were Ms. Nidhi Bennur, Marketing Director, Destylio Communications; Mr. Rajib Kumar Jena, General Manager, Bajaj Auto; and Ms. Nikita Sankeshwar-Gorde, Founder, Vow for Wow. The discussion explored the insights of Digital Marketing Campaigns for Viral Engagement, Industry 4.0 and Case Studies,&Your Digital Footprint by the speakers respectively.

Lemma Technologies
2. Wonderful Venue and Setup for Learning
Lemma Technologies
3. Engaging Panel Discussion with the Speakers
Lemma Technologies
4. WDC Founder Adit Chouhan with Speakers Rajib Kumar Jena, Nidhi Bennur and Nikita Sankeshwar Gorde
Lemma Technologies
5. The Proud WDC Team Harshita, Swapnil, Kshitij, Adit,Sushil & Safee)
Lemma Technologies
6. Participants had a chance to pose questions for Speakers to answer
Lemma Technologies
7. WDC and CLICKS Founder Adit Chouhan popping the Sula Wine bottle
Lemma Technologies
8. WDC Sundowners Pune Partners Kavita (Sula), Husein (IBC), Adit, Kushal (FAB Media) and Manish (Abuzz Productions)

An initiative by author, entrepreneur and digital marketing trainer Adit Chouhan, World Digital Conclave is envisaged to be a platform where all global leaders from the Digital and Tech arenas come together and share latest insights from the industry. Adit has initiated a local version of it as #WDCSundownerPune which will focus on bringing the local community of Digital Marketers and Technology Professionals together to connect, collaborate and cultivate their professional life every month. After witnessing the huge success of the event’s second chapter, WDC Sundowners Team is excited about the upcoming Sundowners planned on 19thJan, 23rd Feb, 23rd March, 20th April and so on. Details of these are available on their website – www.worlddigitalconclave.com. And, will soon be organizing other chapters in major cosmopolitan cities of India and abroad.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Adit Chouhan, Founder, World Digital Conclave, says “Success of two WDC Sundowner eventswithin a short span of time has encouraged us to organize such eventsmore often. We are strategically planning to launch other chapters of WDC Sundowners in other metro cities observing the high demand of today’s tech-savvy generation that wants to familiarize with the latest trends in the digital space. My special thanks to Lemma Technologies for giving us a helping hand. And, to Kshitij Katyayan from our team for making it happen.” He mentioned that this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the WDC Pune Team of Volunteers – Harshita Khandelwal, Yomi Vinayaka, Kshitij Katyayan, Sushil Joshi, Safeehaider Sayyed and Swapnil Deshmane.

WDC is world’s first ever platform that aims at bringing together all Digital Marketers and Technology Enthusiasts across the globe once a year, travelling across various global cities every year. The city-based Sundowners are a local version of WDC and are a platform for sharing knowledge in the space of Digital Marketing, Technology, and Personality Development along with Business Networking over cocktails and wine tasting.

“As the world is moving beyond traditional, breaking every stereotype in technology and digital space, events like these help in contribution to innovations. We are pleased with our association with WDC Sundowners and look forward to a bright journey ahead.” says, Mr. Gadsingh, Co-founder, Lemma Technologies.

Speaking about his contribution, Mr. Aditya Muchhal, Co-Founder, BaitheBaithe Venue Discovery Platform, says “We always appreciate events that help in networking and mutually working towards technology-based development. WDC Sundowner is one such event which is moving towards progress and creating platform for the coming generation. And, they use our strength of discovering venues for them every month very well.”

“Exploring industry insights is as important as leveraging professional network and WDC Sundowner works both ways. It’s a perfect combination of growth and success. We are glad to be a Community Partner with them.” says, Mr. Keerthi Kadam, Managing Editor, Pune Open Coffee Club.

“Nowadays internet can make you go viral even with simple dance moves at a wedding reception. But it has its own pros and cons which makes understanding the process of digital engagement imperative.” says, Ms. Nidhi Bennur, Marketing Director, Destylio Communications.

Ms. Nikita SankeshwarGorde, Founder, Vow for Wow says – “Personal branding is important but our first impression in the digital arena can make or break our impact. Practical tips and case studies presented by us during the event have helped many of the clients in the past and will surely help the participants.”

WDC is open to explore strategic alliances, both locally as well as globally, to improve the event experience for the participants. And, brands looking for any type of association should approach them freely.

About WDC Sundowner:

World Digital Conclave is the brain child of Author, Digital Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur and Marketing Trainer Adit Chouhan. The concept came to his mind when he realized there is no global event till date that helps all Digital Marketing and Technology Enthusiasts come together and learn from each other. WDC is a platform that will have all global leaders from the Digital arena and from emerging technology area come together and share practical, useful insights with the participants.

WDC Sundowners are city based local meet-ups focused towards the Digital Marketers and Technology Enthusiasts. Each Sundowner chapter will have 3 speakers: Digital Marketing, emerging Technology (Blockchain, IoT, AI, Big Data, Data Science, Cloud, etc) and Personality Development (Grooming, Styling, Wine Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Leadership, etc). And, then, will open for networking over cocktails and snacks.

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