Marathon Group helps build life in the flood ravaged Kerala

A group of 20 skilled men attached with the city based real estate company have helped over 300 families from Allepey to fight back Repairing houses, electrical appliances, furniture are some of the voluntary services provided by the group since September 2

Mumbai September 14, 2018: Mrs Thangamani, a resident of Kainakiry(Allepey) in Kerala faced the worst nightmares of her life when she saw her ancestral house being half submerged in the rain water. Her belongings including the furniture, electrical appliances were damaged in the incessant rains. Like her, several other residents of Kerala shared a similar fate.

Days after the state’s most horrible natural calamity, life here is now limping to normalcy. While for some of the affected, getting back to normal life is just as threatening as the floods, for some residents like Mr Kumaran, Mr. GP Mohandas, Mr. Swaminathan, it is an inspiring and life changing phase.

Mrs. Manorama finds her inspiration in the 32 years old Ismayil Khan, a multi skilled labourer trained at Marathon Group, a leading real estate company from Mumbai .He has left his old ailing mother in the city voluntarily to help the flood affected residents through the skills he learnt while on his job.

“Though I managed to save my house, all the furniture and appliances had been damaged. I was in no position to find someone and pay to get it repaired. That’s when this group appeared in our area voluntarily asking if we needed any help. They have been a savior for us in our bad times,” said Mrs Manorama.

Another resident Mr. KK Baby who got his electrical appliances repaired from the group said, “The past few days have definitely not been easy for us. But thanks to this group who have left their families in another city only to come for our help.

Since September 2 the skilled laborers from the group’s Nexzone project have helped over 300 families.  By dividing the members in a group of 4, they voluntarily approached the Kainakiry panchayat and sought a list of people who needed help. They then attended to each complaint and were successful in solving 90 percent of the cases. Among the help they provided included everything, right from repairing homes, furniture’s, electrical appliances without charging a penny for their services.

Commenting on the conditions of work there, Mr. Skaria MK, one of the volunteers says, “It has not been easy for us to work here. The surroundings are unhealthy with mosquitoes around. There have

also been instances when we have seen snakes around the houses where we offered our services. We ignored them all for the happiness and love we received from the flood victims.”

The group has been appreciated by the local panchayat. “We highly appreciate the work done by the employees from Marathon Group. It is inspiring to see such voluntary help pouring for the distressed,” mentions the certificate issued to the company.

About Marathon Group –

Marathon Group is a 49-year-old Mumbai based real estate Development Company that has completed over 80 projects in the city. The group is proud to have provided homes for more than 5,000 families, retail space for 400 retailers and offices for 350 businesses.

Marathon is currently building several townships in the fastest growing neighborhoods, affordable housing projects, ultra-luxury skyscrapers, standalone towers, small offices and large business centers, with projects spread across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), with over 18mn sqft of land currently under development, and a plan to deliver more than 15000 homes in the next 5 years.

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