Singer Soumita Saha supports Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh story line saying there is no harm in accepting a movie the way it is

After the release of Kabir Singh netizens are super busy slamming Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh, saying that it was a violent and misogynistic film. Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh, which is a remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy, released last week. While the film continues to soar at the box office, it has been slammed and panned by critics unanimously for its misogynstic and violent approach to women. International singer Soumita who is fondly dubbed as Ishq Girl by media and her fans defends the storyline saying

Singer Soumita Saha
Singer Soumita Saha supports Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh story line

“Thank You Kabir Singh for teaching people that

every aspect about love need not be happy,

nice and romantic. Violence, outburst of anger

and sarcastic attitude pretty much counts as

human reaction. Thank You for letting people

know that obsession of a man about his girl

is normal. I will not say Kabir Singh redefined

‘ Love’, no …not at all. But Kabir Singh relentlessly

broke the stereo type idea of ‘Perfect’ guy

with sane reaction. Love is love, and a lover’s

utopia can be distopia for others and nothing at matters.”

Moreover the singing sensation adds “I am not justifying the onscreen violence or any thing the movie portrays but if we can believe unnatural stuff that we usually see in a movie and never ever think that these stupid stuff could affect the society what is the harm in treating this movie as a ‘movie’ and not a motivational documentary. We previously found it hard to accept when a character from the film Veere di Wedding pleasured herself on screen. Why are we so eager believe that the society is stupid enough to treat a cinema as motivation life lesson?”

Soumita has been vocal about various social issues in past. Her successful career is not only milestones she has set, but she is one of the youngest social reformer who never took backseat when the society need voices to be raised. The best part is that the young intellectual has maintained ‘genre no bar’ attitude while being vocal about societal issues. Soumita raised her voice in case of Sabarimala incident while she supported Swara Bhaskar while she was being trolled online for playing a character that pleasured her self on screen.


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