Pune: Free Roadside Parking To End, Most Roads Will Have Pay & Park Now

The municipal administration has decided to close free parking on the main roads of Pune city and provide paid parking there. Implementation will begin soon.

A meeting in this regard was held between Pune Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar and Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta.

When the BJP was in power in the Pune municipal corporation (PMC), the policy of implementing paid parking on the city roads was approved. It was approved by the General Body of the PMC. However, the proposal was sent to the then-mayor Murlidhar Mohol for consideration as there was a possibility of facing opposition from the citizens.

The mayor and party leaders were to discuss which roads should be chosen for pay and parking. However, the decision could not be taken as it would have made all parties upset in the backdrop of municipal elections expected in a few months.

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