‘Phoenix Dino World’ -a larger than life experience only at Phoenix Marketcity Pune

Pune, April 19, 2022 – Phoenix Marketcity, Pune’s largest lifestyle mall is known for its extravagant and outstanding décor and attraction, this summer patrons can experience a First-of-its-kind ‘Phoenix Dino World’ thrill with life-size dinosaurs on the 3rd level of the mall. The décor creates a flattering replica of creatures from the Mesozoic era.
This summertime let your kids meet the gargantuan beasts, be it T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, the Pterodactyls, and the ferocious Tyrannosaurus, among others. Dinosaurs’ eggs and skeletons have been placed across the mall to provide direction to the ‘Dino Cave’. Phoenix Marketcity promises its patrons a visual treat by giving them a lifetime experience of fun and adventure. The experiential setup is fine-tuned with sensor-based motions, roaring sounds, and the muddy fragrance to amp up the olfactory senses and provide a wholesome exhilarating experience.

Phoenix -Dino World
Phoenix -Dino World

Mr. Arun Arora, Centre Director, Phoenix Marketcity, Pune said “Our décor has certainly evolved with grandeur over the decade. With the ‘Phoenix Dino World’, we have implemented an innovative concept to offer an immersive and holistic experience to our patrons. We at Phoenix Marketcity believe in engaging our customers with interactive activities, recording moments, and memories, and immortalizing their experiences. A great décor indeed gets word-of-mouth and provides an additional reason to visit.”

To make this summer holiday season more tempting, Phoenix Marketcity is extending gratification to the shoppers by offering many exclusive deals on entertainment and restaurants like Allora, Pop Tates, Social, and Copper Chimney, all situated on the third floor.

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