Life Is Nothing But The Stories We Tell Ourselves: – Dr. Bhavana Gautam

Mumbai: Pandemic has changed our outlook to Wellness, Founder of EmbraceLife Holistic Health consultant Emotional wellbeing Coach  Dr. Bhavana Gautam emphasized in her recent address to the aspirants of holistic health at a function held at Andheri(West), Mumbai on June 25th, 2021, as she calls them ( not patients). Her idea of well-being emanates from Mind-Body- Connect, and not from the conventional Symptom-To-Treatment approach. Embrace life is a small yet ambitious venture to make our world a happier and healthier place, both mentally and physically.

Dr. Bhavana says, “Embrace life was not an overnight idea…it was a journey. A journey of experiencing first-hand as a medical student and then a practitioner, the limitations of the conventional medicine approach and its impact. The emphasis was or still is more on disease management than prevention, on symptomatic piecemeal approach rather than the whole person-centered approach, on purely the physical aspect of health and disease rather than the other equally influential dimensions of emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It was my time at TISS (Tata Institute of Social sciences) for my master’s in hospital management that introduced me to the world of health from a more panoramic view which included understanding the contribution of the individual’s inner and outer environment to his /her overall sense of wellbeing.”

 She added, “Whether it was my later experience in the Health Insurance industry or the hospital domain, I was constantly striving to make sense of health and wellbeing. Most diseases and disorders were now falling in the category of chronic lifestyle ailments. Most are still being managed without a significant change in the quality of life offered. We all understood disease, even the person who was facing a health challenge. However, what we were failing to understand was what controlled our choices, our options, and our view of our own wellbeing. How a person felt, thought, communicated, or connected with oneself and others, all seemed to be contributing to his ability to heal, manage, prevent, or reverse the so-called lifestyle ailment.”

 In fact, it’s aligned with the change and research happening globally that has now identified the role of mental and emotional wellbeing in the overall health and happiness of an individual. At Embrace Life, the approach is to create organic long-lasting growth and enable your potentials to direct your life. These changes are not just limited to your health and wellbeing but also to your relationships, career, and just about every element of you.

Embrace life is about creating your best story. A story not layered or burdened by your poor self-esteem, high anxiety, or health challenges. A story that doesn’t end with you as the victim or with life just happening to you day in and day out. Embrace life is about changing your narrative. It’s about creating the transformation you dreamt of secretly but never believed you could achieve.

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