Ishaara & Dobaara Launch at Phoenix Market City, Pune

On October 20, 2022, restaurateur Prashant Isshar and Bellona Hospitality threw a grand two-stage launch party for Mumbai’s famous Dobaraa and Ishaara. Guests began the evening with cocktails, appetizers, and socializing at Dobaraa, then walked into Ishaara for an amazing sit-down dinner. This innovative double-launch was much appreciated by city socialites, foodies, and partygoers.

Located on the second floor of Phoenix Marketcity, Dobaraa and Ishaara serve delicious food with a difference – both brands employ specially-abled youth who guide patrons efficiently using sign language to communicate with them. This unique initiative provides gainful employment to specially-abled youth, while also creating an inclusive dining experience for all our patrons.

Incorporating traditional cuisine techniques with a sophisticated playful touch, Dobaraa’s menu showcases comfort food at its finest. The delectable dishes complement the drinks and promise to keep up with the philosophy of a nonchalant fun dining/gourmet experience that makes customers want to come back for more, as in “do-bar-aa”! It is designed with the sole purpose of creating a vibe that makes you want to take on the world, and this is inscribed on their wall, ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’.

However, at Ishaara, senses come into play on a personal level. Ishaara is a space that fosters meaningful connections over delectable cuisine. Their ethos focuses on simplicity and elegance – and this is reflected in their menu which features authentic Indian dishes with a modern twist. They also provide illustrated menus with easy-to-follow instructions in sign language so that our hearing-impaired guests can communicate their orders to our servers effortlessly. Plus, every server has their sign name printed on the back of their t-shirt so you can easily get their attention. They help to set the tone of the restaurant and encourage diners to truly immerse themselves in the experience. Not only do they promote communication between guests and servers, but also amongst the guests themselves.

“The idea of Dobaraa & Ishaara is to create a dining experience offering high-quality food, complemented with warm and friendly service. Both the brands employ people with speech and hearing impairment exclusively as guest service associates because of certain key hospitality attributes they naturally possess, like smiling, focus, intuition, and warmth, in effect hiring them for their abilities and not disability. The food is presented with simple elegance. However, the depth that is soon experienced on the palate is a result of exploring the origins of these dishes, and their journey through time and geographies”, says founder Prashant Issar.

Guests appreciated the distinguishing interiors with eccentric elements at both outlets by designer Minnie Bhatt. The lovely experience of communicating without words over an amazing evening is something they enjoyed immensely. Some of the canapes served at the Dobaraa were Waterchestnut & Sweetcorn Tikki, Paneer & Curry Leaves Shashlik, Rawas Black Pepper Tikka, Chicken Beurre Blanc Kebab, and Crispy Tossed Calamari. The mains were just as delicious, with options such as Paneer Dori Kebab, Lamb Dori Kebab, Dindigul Lamb Biryani, and Herbed Rice Tehari. Everyone ended their meal with decadent desserts such as the Flourless Chocolate Brownie and Gajar Halwa Crumble. Chahat Dalal, Rashmi Dalal, Sandeep Dharma, Jasni & Kiranjit Singh, Rupal & Alok Patel, Dr. Kritu Bhandari, Dr. Yojana Pokarna, Diva & Naresh Budhrani, and Vasundhara Ruia were some of the guests who attended the event.

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