Attend an Eco-friendly “Shuddhi Ganesha” Idol Exhibition at Upsouth

- Idols made of Soil, Alum, Cow Dung and Panchagavya - Modaks made of seeds can be mixed with recyclable Idols to Grow Trees

Pune, August 29, 2019: Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the God of new beginnings. Whenever we want to start something auspicious, he is the Lord we all pray to. With an aim to celebrate new beginnings, Upsouth & Green Ganesha Foundation have joined hands to organize “Shuddhi Ganesha” Idol Exhibition at UpsouthWakad.

Attend an Eco-friendly “Shuddhi Ganesha” Idol Exhibition at Upsouth

These idols are made of recyclable materials such as Soil, Alum, Cow Dung, Panchagavya and seeds and can be immersed later in water to grow trees after the end of the auspicious Ganeshutsav. The idols are priced between INR 800 to 1500 and will be available for sale at an exhibition this Saturday at Upsouth Wakad.

The event aims to create awareness on Green measures that can be taken to protect environment and also how trees can be grown by immersing the Ganesha idols in a Tree pot or ground at your own house. Natural colours have been used to make them colourful which after immersion do not harm the water bodies.

Attend an Eco-friendly “Shuddhi Ganesha” Idol Exhibition at Upsouth

Commenting on the Green Initiative, Kumar Gaurav, Vice President, Billion Smiles Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. says, “Upsouth has always been on the forefront for Green & Sustainable business. This reflects across all our operations and practices. Keeping the same in mind, we have organized this exhibition to promote the concept of Green Ganeshutsavso that we celebrate the festival while keeping environmental sensibilities in mind.”

Rashmi & Shailesh Ausekar, Founders, Green Ganesha Foundation, quip “Ganeshutsav is a massive celebration of 11 days and results in a lot of water and soil pollution. To prevent the same, ShuddhiGanesha idols which are eco-friendly can be used to grow trees after the celebrations end.”

Shuddhi Ganesha
Attend an Eco-friendly “Shuddhi Ganesha” Idol Exhibition at Upsouth

So come and Celebrate New Beginnings.
Take a Shuddhi Ganesha home and Grow a Tree!

What: Shuddhi Ganesha Idol Exhibition
Where: Upsouth Wakad
When: 31st August (All Day)
How: 9527402500

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