Advani announces his arrival at the Manisha – Vascon National Billiards and Snooker Championship

11-Jan-2020 To 09-Feb-2020

Pune, January 24, 2020: Twenty three times World Champion Pankaj Advani announces his arrival in style after defeating Ashutosh Padhy in straight sets at the Manisha – Vascon National Billiards and Snooker Championship organized by BSAM and played at PYC Hindu Gymkhana Billiards room on Friday.

Advani, representing Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB) scored a break of 111 points in the first frame to win it 151-37. In the second frame, Advani scored a break of 62 to win in 151-37 to take control of the best of five frames. The third set served as a formality as Advani scored breaks of 84 and 66 to win it with a 152-70 score line.

In another interesting match, Maharashtra’s Arun Agarwal made a break of 138 in the second frame to beat Raj Mohan in straight sets. Agarwal won the frames 3-0(150-41, 150(138)-10, 150 (62)-49). Neeraj Kumar defeated Rishabh Kumar of Maharashtra 3-0(151(78)-46, 151(125)-08, 150(50)-62) to enter the knockout round.

Arun Agarwal in action

Para Snooker Tourney to commence today.

The National Billiards and Snooker Championship will host the first ever Open Para Snooker Tournament in India from January 25. The two day event will be an initiative to promote cue sports amongst differently-abled. In the past, Para Snooker was a part of Paralympics till 1988. The event will be played in league cum knockout basis and a total of six players including Anant Mehta(Mumbai), C. Balaji (Chennai), Harbinder Singh(PB), Shashi Kulkarni(KTK), Shayan Shetty(Satara) and Udit Rai(MP) have confirmed their participation.

Following are the results: Group League Round:

Group G:
Arun Agarwal(Mah) bt Raj Mohan P.(PDC) 3-0(150-41, 150(138)-10, 150(62)-49);

Group H:
Rupesh Shah(PSPB) bt Kunal Agarwal(Odisha) 3-0(151(124)-02, 150-77, 150(93)-37);

Group H:
Rafat Habib(RSPB) bt Siddharth Patni(MP) 3-0(150(80)-62, 152-146, 150(60)-96);

Group I:
Brijesh Damani(PSPB) bt Chandu Kasodaria(Mah) 3-0(150-07, 150(71)-131, 152(69)-27);

Group J:
Akshay Kumar(UP) bt Amit Sapru(Mah) 3-0(151(50,50)-122, 152(50)-57, 151-59);

Group J:
Prem Prakash(TN) bt Shekhar Surve(RSPB) 3-0(150-31, 150(117)-64, 150-89);

Group K:
Alok Kumar(PSPB) bt Mahesh Jagdale(Mah) 3-0(150(56)-129, 150-122, 150(50)-12);

Group K:
Kadiyapu Vibhas(TLGN) bt MS Reddy(AP) 3-2(119-152, 151-137, 43-152, 150-115, 150-52);

Group M:
Rajeev Sharma(Mah) bt B. Rajkumar(KTK) 3-1(150(65)-128(51), 136-151(68), 150(41)-79(58), 151(92)-127(74));

Group M:
L. Durga Prasad(RSPB) bt Aditya Agarwal(RSPB) 3-2(130-151, 150-107, 83-152, 150-121, 150-113);

Group N:
Kamal Chawla(RSPB) bt Tushar Shrishtha(BSFI) 3-0(151(110)-08, 151(99)-64, 151-21);

Group O:
Neeraj Kumar(RSPB) bt Rishabh Kumar(Mah) 3-0(151(78)-46, 151(125)-08, 150(50)-62);

Group P:
Varun Kumar(TN) bt Akram Khan(WB) 3-1(66-152, 150-98, 150-66, 152-64);

Group P:
Rayaan Razmi(Mah) bt Ketan Chawla(MP) 3-0(152(97)-67, 150(56)-77, 150-128);

Group Q:
K. Venkatesham(RSPB) bt Ayush Sinha(BSFI) 3-0(151-17, 150(114)-50, 150(81)-35);

Group Q:
Pankaj Advani(PSPB) bt Ashutosh Padhy(Odisha) 3-0(151(111)-37, 151(62)-52, 152(84,68)-70).

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